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Fortune Outdoors

Written by William Butt, reproduced from the Fortune Teller

October 2004

One of my readers put me on to a topic for this monthís Fortune Teller that really needs to be addressed in the worst kind of way. Did you happen to go to Pork Chop Pit for a visit or looking for Blue berries only to find, as I did, a mess? A real garbage dump. People are bringing their garbage to this area as if it was a regular dumpsite. Itís too much for it to be only the people of Fortune. I think other people are bringing this stuff with them. At any rate, this must stop. It can be seen almost everywhere you look, including down over the bank into Hamilton Brook which runs into Fortune brook. Our children swim and camp along the river bank in the Summer time. Who knows whatís coming down river from the garbage? Any person that dumps garbage doesnít care whatís in it. Signage is not the answer; it needs to be removed; and now, if we are to expect clean water flowing to our river. How do we clean it up? Well hereís one way - make your council aware of the situation. Go there and visit, so you will see first hand and know what you are talking about. If that doesnít work then letís take it to the Government.

They make people remove old car wrecks and other debris. This is an eyesore to the tourists visiting our town; itís part of our town; we need it cleaned up.

The food fishery wasnít all that great was it? I guess like most fisher folks we got some but waited for Sept. to come around to finish our tags. And now I have been out twice with no luck, are the fish gone for good? We had a storm in August maybe they followed the storm for a while; storms at sea bring food so I guess like us they need food.

On one of my English blackberry picking trips I noticed the little place in the park that the Cubs have adopted. Someone has been using it and throwing around garbage. There is a container provided but it has been upset and garbage thrown around the site. I took a few minutes to clean up the site and on my next walk through the park I saw the very same thing all over again. Who are those sick people? This is the childrenís place; please donít give the little cubs work before they can enjoy their day in the park. I donít want to sound like a broken record but just three days later I returned to the site again and this time it was even worse than the visit before - there was a fire pit made and the remains left!

Some time ago I mentioned that someone had taken the park table out of the park. I donít know if they saw the error of their ways but, at any rate, the table has returned to its original site. Thank you for the return of the table.

As I walked through the park I was thinking of how nice it would be if we had a board walk all the way through the park, it could become wheel chair accessible. What a blessing that would be if the sick and the crippled could once again go through the park on a nice day and enjoy the beauty of the park. There is so much improvement that could be done that could make the park a benefit to all outdoor lovers.

Targa has come and gone but, listening to people along the route after, a lot of people have become a little upset with the whole thing. We have seen the cars going by at a very fast pace; some people are just getting off work, others canít get to work; store owners canít operate, they have staff on that they have to pay with no sales, or if they are let go they donít get paid. What is Targa doing for our town? Are they putting money back in? Business people in both towns are talking - what are the benefits? Itís ok for our neighbors in the east where they have a car show, gas, hotels and other things to bring in some new dollars.

On the other hand our town and its people are losing money. Can we afford this loss and have our people unhappy with the results? I take part in the show every year in other towns as well as Fortune. I enjoy making it as safe as possible but, on the other side of the coin, if our town and its people reap no benefits from it, is it worth it to us to have rich people come in, shut down our town and disrupt our way of life, while they joy ride through our town at our expense in and around Fortune outdoors?

November 2004

The clouds are showing in the western sky, cold winds move over the land and the ocean, the need for warmer clothes is here. We all know what that means - fall is upon us with winter not too far ahead. We are all preparing one way or another for the cold days that winter brings, but with it comes happy thoughts for children of playing at their favorite games. Winter seems to have a new meaning, red cheeks, wet noses and frozen hair ends that stick out under caps and scarves pulled loosely around necks that never seem to get cold.

New snow machines are on everyoneís wish list; the dreams of those long country rides seem to catch some of us in a daze. Mother Nature has a way of bringing us all back to the basics of life, outdoors, fresh air, and the feeling of freedom for the happy times of winter fun.

Before we let our dreams run away with our reasoning, let us all stop and make sure that we are ready for such fun and play. Those winter machines are great, but they can also be bad for the user who just takes the machine to the trail, starts it up, and goes on to who knows where. NOW is the time to prepare your machine and winter equipment for those days of bright sunshine and good ground coverage of white powder that can be the outdoor personís long awaited dream of winter sport. Make yourself a check list of things that you will need to do to make your machine safe, also a first aid kit, emergency food and a complete change of clothing. Most everyone has a cell phone; donít leave it home, you never know when you will need it. Travel with someone who knows the country; lots of riders now have GPS & most can use it to find their way home. Play it safe.

Last year we started a new trail drive to build a trail up over the hill to take us to the winter trail. Funds were collected. We look forward to a start on the trail before the frost gets into the ground and then itís too late to do a good job. Hopefully we will get a start on this project this fall.

Again this year as I go to the hills to prepare for my winter supply of jam I noticed that there is the same kind of people doing this and its older folks. They drive as close to the barrens as they can. I even saw one man with a walking stick making his way around the terrain picking berries. Where are the younger people? Does this mean that after we are all gone no one will do this anymore? It will all go back to the way it was before. Nature has a funny way of recovering, just stop and think about it. No young people have the time for the country, they will tell you they are bored, there is nothing to do. All they have to do is walk in the country. They can find all they want to unwind, see nature at its best, and have that feeling of wanting to learn more about Nature in and around Fortune outdoors.

December 2004

As the winds get colder, days get shorter. We all know that the time of year has come for us to only remember the warm hot days of summer. But with the coming of the fall and the cooler days we have other things to remember; itís, of course, the 11th of Nov. when all Canadians remember the War dead, and those who are left behind - the widows & children of those who gave their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom as we know it. Many of us who served in wartime are very thankful that we could return to our families .On this remembrance day Fortune had, in my recollection, the biggest parade to the cenotaph ever. Our youth played a great part in that parade. The sea cadet corps of Fortune had 100% attendance - there are 42 in the corps this year - and to think all of those young people and leaders gave up their day to attend this Remembrance Day parade. They should be commended for their showing; it shows that they do remember and that they will pass on to their children the contribution that the men and women of Fortune gave to their country for our freedom. Thank you Cadets and Officers.

Not to forget the other groups, the Brownies, Sparks, Cubs and Girl Guides. It was very heart warming to see the children placing wreaths of remembrance at the cenotaph. Age is catching up on our Veterans and soon they will be no more. It is up to us who are left behind to keep the faith, keep remembering; then we will know it was not all in vain.

The Presidents of Branch 25 and the Auxiliary did a very fine job again this year with a very nice hot meal. The table setting with all the legion colors brought many comments from those who attended on what a splendid job those people did with the decorations of the hall. Again, many thanks go to all who took part in this success.

Do we have a bad side to all of this? We do and itís only the few who do such things that need to stop and remember the cenotaph is like a shrine to the war dead. Keep it clean. We have had some vandalism, and we want it stopped. Anyone caught defacing the property will be severely punished to the extent of the law. The judge and the courts donít take this matter lightly. If anyone sees anyone defacing the property please contact the branch.

The Veterans service this year was held at the United Church, a good showing of Legion Members and other groups attend this special service of remembrance. The sea cadets marched on the colors and took part in the service. Our own Chaplin took part in the service, and did a good job as well. Each year the Legion and town groups alternate between the churches, as Veterans who returned and those who died in the wars were of all different faiths but their place in history is the same.

Now summer is over, lets get on to winter things in and around Fortune outdoors.

Fortune Teller

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