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Fortune Outdoors

Written by William Butt, reproduced from the Fortune Teller

November 2005

The Town is taking on that fall look, leaves are falling from the trees, and some will get caught up in our rain gutters to clog the down spout; that in turn gives us problems. When the large snowfalls leave snow on the roofs of our homes, this too creates another problem; ice candles form on the eaves, some are reached by children. I bet you have done it, our first icicle treat and of course with that comes the sore lips of winter fun.

The trail is started up over the farm. It will be great this winter coming and going to the country, the road is wide enough for two bikes to pass with no problems. All we have to do is drive like you would on any road on your machine, drive to the right at all times and at a reduced speed. We donít want to have accidents, after all itís a fun thing, letís keep it safe. More money is needed for the trail up over the hill. There is a great need for ditching so that the water can run off to keep our ice to a minimum, and of course to keep the road from washing down hill.

I have heard that there will be some fund-raising later on to help out with the cost of putting the road over the hill in good condition for all of us who ride the winter trail. I have more trail-marking to do this winter; I have the red blocks painted and all ready. It will take a little time but it will be worth it in the end if only one lost rider in a snow storm can stick to the marked trail and arrive safely home.

The fish plant story, thatís another thing; how much more waiting can we do with bad promises of reopening the plant? From the news now it doesnít look good. Maybe itís time to look for some other interest to take over. Our town is hurting and going to get worse. The make work programs are great for one season, but we must have something better. What? I donít know. Almost every town is in the short fall of work. With the increase in fuel costs, a lot of families will be very uncomfortable this winter. For those of us on fixed incomes it means that a lot of plans will have to be put on hold. School children will suffer because food will be a priority over heat and both go hand in hand for a healthy environment.

Another side of the coin is that with the uncertainty of work young people will have to move away. Down goes the population again to a further low; business will suffer loss of spin off jobs; and the list goes on. I donít think we have been in a worst state work wise since confederation and everything was supposed to be better. Tight purse strings will be the thing this winter if something doesnít break for our town.

Letís hope things will get better in and around Fortune outdoors for the coming year.

December 2005

On one of my trips up over the trail to Grassy Patch I notice there has been a lot of work done on the trail, it looks really good, let s hope that it will stay that way, and visitors to the trail can enjoy a nice ride or walk to the sea shore.

There has also been a nature trail started, looks like funds have run out but we hope there is more to come. A nature trail gives one a chance to get off the trail way (bike Trail) and walk down the quite nature trail to the sea shore. You will not only find it relaxing but itís a part of the country that one never gets to see; to sit on the bank for now and just watch the sea birds that are in that area this time of year. Some come very close when they are not disturbed too much as they fish along the shore and some even come in to eat small crustaceous creatures from the rocks that are full of kelp. The sea lice hang on and wait for the next tide, itís all a part of the food chain and itís yours to view for free. A small pair of field glasses will never go astray or take up too much room in your pockets; the benefits are worth the little bulk.

New signage has been done and the map to Grassy Patch cabins is updated, I enjoyed my outdoor cook up on the shore line bank, a very quiet and peaceful day.

Again I must say that the Memorial Day turn out was great, even though the weather wasnít all that great, but the service was still very well done in the John R. Dixon memorial Legion hall, and well attended by all local groups. The meal that was served after was well organized by the President and staff of Ladies Aux. we tip our hats to them for a job well done.

As in other years Branch 25 hired a bus to go to the Town of Garnish to have a wreath-laying at their War memorial. We were very well received and the Town showed us just that by providing refreshments and a lunch after the service. We also visited one of the last War veterans from Garnish and one at Frenchmens Cove; they were both very happy for the visit, as they were part of our Branch 25.

The trail up over the farm has started up again for more work to be done. 15 people turned out on Saturday to do brush cutting to clear the way for the excavator to go in to build the road. We are hoping to get the trail done but the money that is given will only do so much, fund raisers will be the next thing as the winter comes on. Please support the trail as we are all like and want to have good trails to ride and hike on.

All throughout the Summer months and into the fall young people have been setting off Fireworks from various locations around town. I have had a few requests from my readers to mention it my column. I know there is nothing wrong with fireworks if it is done in a safe manner, that is on a beach or somewhere where there is no dry grass or leaves, and now this time of the year we have both, dry leaves that are caught up around fences and buildings; some of those fireworks can and do have after burning. Of course if one should drop into such a place away from the people who are setting them off, they cannot see whatís happening; the next thing you know is that we may have a serious fire on our hands. As parents we should remind our children of this danger and insist to them that their fireworks should be set off in a place where itís safe for them and the safety of their homes. I think it would be a great topic for the firemen to take to the school children before someone gets seriously hurt or badly burnt in and around Fortune outdoors.

Fortune Teller

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