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The Fortune Teller

April 2010
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Website: http://townoffortune.ca
Recreation Commission

     On Wednesday, April 21, at the Fortune Fire Hall, the Fortune Recreation Commission will be sponsoring a Volunteer Appreciation Supper of soup, sandwiches and cake. If you consider yourself a volunteer within the town of Fortune, call Mary Mullins (832-2428) no later than Friday, April 16 to reserve your seat. We hope to see all our volunteers participate in this event.

Fortune Head ECO Friends
By Linda Collier

Community Cookbook:
     “Flavours of Fortune” is available for a cost of $10 and can be picked up at the Fortune Town Office.

     Fortune Head ECO Friends are offering memberships for the Fortune Head Interpretation Center. Shelley’s Friends (children up to age 12) - $5.00 registration fee; Teens (13 to 18 years) - $5.00 registration fee; Adults - $20.00 registration fee. Particulars surrounding memberships can be obtained from Linda.

2010 Employment Positions:
     This pending job creation partnership provides work experience/employment opportunities for a Maintenance Worker, Education Program Officer, Museum Supervisor and Gift Shop Attendants. For more information or detailed job descriptions, please contact Linda at the Town Office.
     For information pertaining to the Fortune Head Interpretation Center, contact Linda by calling 832-2810 or by email at fhef@townoffortune.ca.

Fortune Outdoors
By Bill Butt

     Our winter sure went away like it was all spring weather, not too much snowmobile riding around here, the owners must be sick of looking at the beast in the storehouse or garage with no fun attached to it this year, unless you took it to the colder part of the island where they had enough snow to enjoy the machines.
     I don’t have any flowers up yet to brag about to my buddies in central, I just do it because I can. Have you noticed that the small birds are very scarce this spring like weather? I have filled my feeders but not too much action. I see the field glasses are out on the kitchen counter almost every day, Hattie is watching for their return, and so am I but I guess it wishful thinking on our part as yet.
     The Royal Canadian Legion has taken on a new group of Officers for the coming year. The outgoing president left the Branch in good standing. He sure put a lot of work and time into the branch and will be remembered for the many benefits that he had for the sick that had to travel to St. Johns for treatment for one thing and another. I must give him great credit for that. On further conversation with the outgoing president, I asked him the question of ‘how much money did he raise for the benefits in the twelve years that he and his wife were there?’ His reply was ‘somewhere in the four hundred thousand dollar bracket;’ a tidy sum of money to raise for Charity. Of course the branch benefited from it as well; matinees, dances and other activities brought revenue to the branch during those past lean years. I hope they can enjoy a well earned rest. The branch has taken on a new President, with a rearranged staff to help out in the coming year. Hope things will look up in and around Fortune outdoors in the New Year.

Fortune Lions
By George Riggs

     The Lions would like to thank all 104 attendees who helped make our Annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner & Dance, held on Mar. 20th such a success.
     Our next Zone meeting will take place in Grand Bank on Mar. 28th at 1:30pm. It will be followed by the annual Zone Speak-Off at 3:00pm.
     The Zone Junior Speak-Off will take place in Garnish on May 1st at 2:00pm.
     The installation of Officers for the Lions Year 2010 - 2011 will take place during our District Governor's visit on April 10th.
Donations during the month of March included:

  • $50. - Muscular Dystrophy
  • $110. - Lions Project Pride Flags and certificates for Lake Academy Grade One Students.
  • $100. - United Towns Pirates Minor Hockey Tournament.

290 RCSCC Sir Humphrey Gilbert Parent Committee
By Joanne Pierce

     We would like to thank everyone that supported the Cadets by purchasing chocolate bars. We still have some bars left; if you are interested in purchasing some, please contact any Sea Cadet or call Joanne (832-2675) or Sherry (832-0316). We would like to wish all Cadets good luck at your Annual Inspection on Saturday, April 17. The cadets, leaders and parents of 290 Sir Humphrey Gilbert would like to wish all residents of Fortune Happy Easter!!!

Salvation Army Sunday School (My Great Big God)
By Joanne Pierce

     Our schedule for April and May is as follows and we welcome children up to and including Grade 3 ... Program at 6:30-8:00 pm:

  • April 12
  • April 19
  • May 3
  • May 9 Mother's Day Program
     Happy Easter from our Sunday School kids and their leaders !!!

Salvation Stars Mime Troop
By Joanne Pierce

     We are now in the process of preparing for our annual Mime Camp from April 6-8 at Foxcove. This will be a 3-day 2-night camp and will involve 31 kids and 4 leaders. We would like to thank everyone who helped in any way with our Sunday Night Youth Service on March 21. Our Mime and Sunday School children participated in this service and did an excellent job...as usual. Salvation Stars Junior and Teen Mime Troops along with their leaders would like to wish everyone Happy Easter !!!

Cutting Edge Figure Skating Club
By Michelle Billard

     On March 6th, 2010 skaters from Cutting Edge Skating Club attended the Eastern Region Interclub Competition at Marystown; great job by all skaters:

  • Can-Skate, Stage1 - 5years and younger: 1st-Liana Diominaux; 4th-Amber Meehan; 4th-Paige Boland.
  • Can-Skate, Stage2 - 7years and older: 2nd-Carly Miller; 3rd-Martika Cox.
  • Can-Skate, Stage2 - 6years: 1st-Robyn Follett; 2nd-Kaitlyn Green.
  • Can-Skate, Stage2 - 5years and younger: 1st-Anna Hickman; 2nd-Hope Stacey; 3rd-Olivia Billard.
  • Can-Skate, Stage3 - 7years and older: 2nd-Chelsea Pierce; 3rd-Brooke Slaney; 4th-Chloe Grandy.
  • Can-Skate, Stage3 - 6years and younger: 3rd-Kaelyn Gaulton; 4th-Hannah Herridge.
  • Can-Skate, Stage4 - 8years: 1st-Sarah Pierce; 2nd-Brittany Stacey.
  • Can-Skate, Stage4 - 7years: 2nd-Kiralyn Herridge.
  • Can-Skate, Stage5 - 8years and older: 1st-Kelly Baker; 2nd-Jenilee Peach.
  • Can-Skate, Stage6 - 9years: 1st-Megan Warren; 3rd-Nicole Rose.
  • Pre-Preliminary I - 12years and older: 2nd-Maleka Follett.
  • Pre-Preliminary I - 10&11years: 2nd-Erika Billard.
  • Pre-Preliminary I - 9years: 1st-Hannah Miller.
  • Preliminary - 12years and older: 7th-Shauna Wells.
  • Preliminary - 11years and younger: 1st-Taylor Drake.
  • Pre-Juvenile Pairs: 1st-Taylor Hillier & Marshall Myles.
On Feb.27,2010 Junior Provincials Championships were held at Clarenville:
  • Pre-Preliminary I - 7years: 6th-Hannah Millier
  • Pre-Preliminary I - 9years: 1st-Mackenzie Strowbridge; 4th-Madison Strowbridge
  • Pre-Preliminary II - 10years: 2nd-Taylor Hillier
  • Pre-Preliminary I - 7years: 1st-Kiana Stacey
  • Can-Skate Stage5 - 8years: 1st- Kelly Baker
Also on Feb.12-14,2010, the Provincial Championships were held at Gander:
  • Preliminary Mens: 1st-Marshall Myles
  • Preliminary Ladies - 10years: 2nd-Kendra Mitchell
  • Preliminary Ladies - 11years: 5th-kellie Rose
     On Sunday, April 11th, 2010 The Cutting Edge will be having an Ice Show from 2-4. The cost at the door will be $5 adults, $3 youths, free for pre-schoolers and younger. Hope to see you there.

Soul Searchers Youth Group

     We will be having our closing on May 16 at 6:00 at the church. We would like to thank those who have supported the youth group throughout the year and look forward to your generous support again next year. We now have a recycling program set up at the Green Depot and at All Saints Church. If you wish to donate your recyclables just drop them off at the Depot and let them know it is for the youth group. Thank You and God Bless Rev. Neal

Fortune Memorial Library CAP Site

     Please be advised that hours for the Library during the month of April will be as follows:

  • Monday … 2 – 5 pm
  • Tuesday … 9 am – 12 noon; 2 – 5 pm
  • Wednesday … 2 – 5 & 6 – 9 pm
  • Thursday … 2 – 5 pm
  • Friday … 2 – 5 pm

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