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The Fortune Teller

February 2010
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Website: http://townoffortune.ca
Fortune Outdoors
By Bill Butt

     We must be living right to have such a good winter so far, the hardest month that we have will soon be behind us.
     I feel for the skidoo riders, being the outdoor person that I am; I know they are praying for some snow to get in a bit of cross country riding. Keeping in mind that we haven’t had any frost worth while and the ponds are still open, there is room for the unfamiliar rider to have a terrible accident.
     Just a few days ago I was in to Nor West pond. It was still open for about 100 feet from the shore line and the bit that was frozen was only what looked liked 4 inches or so.
     Parents, keep this in mind: with a bit of new snow coming there might be a bit of skidoo riding over the week end, children who use those machines should be warned of the dangers on the ponds just yet, just because there are a few mud holes frozen over don’t mean that the ponds are safe.
     I would suggest that supervision for the novice rider on any machine at this time of year is a must, and great care to have the proper clothing, floatation device, floating rope with a buoy on the end, the know how to reach a person or persons that has gone through the ice is of the utmost importance. Ice hand picks with a rope attached around your neck secured to the sleeve of your jacket with Velcro fasteners is a good defense when you are trying to get out on the edge of the ice if you should go through, when the temperature is down every second counts.
     A water proof bag with some extra dry clothing is a must; if you have ever been caught in this situation then you will appreciate warm dry cloths.
     Some people - and I am one - always carry a bit of extra food this time of year and never eat it until you have to. A few foil wrapped bars always good to have in your nap sack they never spoil over the season; come summer eat them and fill up your summer rations for unexpected time on the country with a break down of machinery or caught in a bog hole.
     My neighbor and I have put up signage on the trail way to show the way in some cases, others for not to litter. We want to keep our trail as clean as possible. Every rider that carries in food surely can bring out the rappers and other stuff that litters.
     If you see something that can improve the safety of the trail feel free to let someone of the ATV association know about it. We will strive to improve our trail to make it as safe as possible; it is not any one person’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of all of us who use and enjoy it.
     If you have something on your mind concerning the trail bring it to the meetings where it can be heard and dealt with in a civilized way, inputs to anything brings improvements.
     I see on my rides there are more people walking the multi purpose trail; that is great to see, some with their pets and some with their friends enjoying the fresh air in and around Fortune outdoors.

Fortune Lions
By George Riggs

     The Fortune Lions would like to make a correction to the Thank You to those who provided entertainment at the Dec. Seniors Party in the January Fortune Teller, where accordion player Allan Tapper was incorrectly reported as Don Tapper.
     Thank you to all who attended our Boxing Night Dance and our New Years Eve Ball and helped make both events huge successes.
     The Lions are pleased to report that major repairs have been completed on the Lions Den under a Community Enhancement Program. Six workers from Fortune were employed in order to carry out the repairs and maintenance. Thank you to our MHA Dr. Darren King and his staff for their help on the Project. Thanks also to the workers for doing an excellent job.
     The first dinner meeting for 2010 took place on Jan. 13th, and on Jan. 17th four (4) Lions from Fortune attended a Zone Meeting in Marystown.

Lions Activities for February include:

  • Feb. 6-7 - 2nd District Convention for the Lions year 09/10 in St. John's.
  • Feb. 13 - Annual Valentines Candlelight Dinner/Dance; Time: Cocktails - 6:00 pm; Dinner - 7:00 pm; Cost: $10.00 each; Tickets can be purchased from Lions Bill Skinner (2721), Wnston Mavin (1460) or Tom Douglas (0925)
  • Feb. 20 - Winter Carnival Jiggs Dinner: Time: 6:00 pm; Cost $8.00 each; Tickets available from Lions Eleanor Lake (2143), Cecil Lake (0766) and George Riggs (2822)
  • Feb. 25 - Special Winter Carnival Bingo: Doors Open 7:30 pm, Bingo Starts 8:00 pm. Extra games and increased pay-outs.

290 Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sea Cadets
By Joanne Pierce

     A big thank you to the cadets and parents who helped in any way with our bottle drive on January 9, also to Todd & Sherry for the use of their garage and especially to the community for your support of the Cadets.
     We are now selling tickets on a Sweetheart Basket for Valentine's Day, including dinner for 2. Tickets are $1.00 each and can be purchased from any Cadet. Draw date: Saturday, February 13 at Collins Cloverfarm.
     We would like to advise the citizens of Fortune that we will be having a Sub sandwich sale on Sunday, February 28. A member of Cadets will be calling to take orders.
     The Cadets, leaders and parents or 290 Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sea Cadets would like to thank everyone for supporting our Cadets and wish all the residents of Fortune Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Salvation Stars Mime Troop
By Joanne Pierce

     The Salvation Stars Mime Troop will host their 5th Annual Sweet Mime on Saturday, February 13 at Lake Academy beginning at 7 pm. This will be an evening filled with Mime, singing, skits and valentine readings and poems. Tickets are being sold in advance and will be on a first come, first served basis; price is $4.00 per person, which includes concert and dessert, tea or coffee after the concert. Tickets may be purchaed by calling Joanne 832-2675 or Diane 832-0357 or from any Mime member.
     Salvation Stars Junior and Teen Mime Troops along with their leaders would like to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Salvation Army Sunday School (MY GREAT BIG GOD)
By Joanne Pierce

     Our schedule for February and March is as follows ... time is 6:30-8:00pm ... children up to and including grade 3 are welcome to attend.

  • February 1
  • February 15 - Valentine's Party (Please bring Valentine's to exchange with your friends)
  • March 1 - Bring a Friend Night
  • March 15
  • March 22
     We hope to see you at Sunday School as we learn about MY GREAT BIG GOD!!!
     Our Sunday School kids and their leaders hope all the residents of Fortune will have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Fortune Head ECO Friends
By Linda Collier

Community Cookbook:
     Pre-orders are now being accepted for our community cookbook, “Flavours of Fortune”. To ensure you receive a copy, contact Linda at the Town Office by calling 832-2810 or by email at fhef@townoffortune.ca. Once again, thank you to those that submitted recipes.

     Fortune Head ECO Friends are also offering “memberships” for children, teen and adults for the Fortune Head Interpretation Center in 2010. The particulars are as follows:

(1) Shelley’s Friends (children up to age 12)

  • Cost for registration is $5.00 (membership card)
  • You receive 1 free admission
  • Autographed picture of Shelley the Snail
  • Opportunity to have name put on mural (once completed)
  • A letter from Shelley four times a year
  • Electronic Birthday Card
(2) Teens (13 to 18 years)
  • Cost for registration is $5.00 (membership card)
  • You receive 1 free admission
  • Scientific fact sheets accessible on website (once available)
  • Electronic Birthday Card
  • Enter a “catchy” geological-related name for membership category (13-18 years)
(3) Adults
  • Cost for registration is $20.00 (membership card)
  • Unlimited admission for cardholder (1)
  • 5% discount on gift shop purchases
  • Electronic Newsletters (quarterly)
  • Membership acknowledged on website (once available) and Newsletters
  • Electronic Birthday Card
Board Vacancy:
     The Board of Directors are accepting “expressions of interest” in becoming an active Board member with Fortune Head ECO Friends. If you are interested in contributing to the development and success of the Fortune Head Interpretation Center, contact Linda at the Town Office by calling 832-2810 or by email at fhef@townoffortune.ca.

Reminder - Recyclables:
     The Green Depot will accept your recyclables as a donation to Fortune Head ECO Friends Inc.

Cutting Edge Figure Skating Club
By Michelle Billard & Marion Wells

     As we arrive in our second half of the skating year we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who bought tubs of cookie dough and chocolate bars to help the skaters with their fundraising, it was a great success. Also to those who helped out with the Santa Skate, we had a wonderful Santa Claus and a lot of wonderful treats for the kids in their loot bags, we like to thank you for making that possible, the kids were very excited.
     On Jan 23, 2010, Eastern Regionals were held at Clarenville in which 9 of Cutting Edge Skaters attended.

  • Marshall Myles - SILVER-preliminary mens
  • Kendra Mitchell - GOLD-preliminary ladies 10 years
  • Kellie Rose - BRONZE-preliminary ladies 11 years
  • Taylor Drake - 4th-preliminary ladies 11 years
  • Shauna Wells - 4th in her heat-preliminary ladies 12 years and older
  • Taylor Hillier - GOLD-pre-preliminary (2) ladies10 years
  • Kiana Stacey - GOLD-pre-preliminary (1) 7 years and younger
  • Mackenzie Strowbridge -- GOLD-pre-preliminary (1) 9 years
  • Madison Strowbridge BRONZE-pre-preliminary (1) 9 years
     Three of our skaters attended can go on to compete at the Provincial Championships in Gander on Feb 12-14.Congradulations to all skaters for a job well done and to our Cutting Edge Skating Club for winning the Most Improved Club at the Eastern Regionals.

Up Coming Events:
  • Cutting Edge Skate-a-thon - Feb 5th,2010
  • Junior Provincals - Feb 27,2010-Clarenville
  • Interclub - March 6,2010- Marystown

Burin Peninsula Health Care Foundation - Board Recruitment Notice?

     The Burin Peninsula Health Care Foundation (BPHCF) is currently accepting expressions of interest from residents in any Burin Peninsula Community who would be interested in serving as a board member. Please find attached the board recruitment notice, and please feel free to forward this information. Further information can be obtained by contacting Sharon Snook at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Foundation. P.O. Box 340, Burin, NL, A0E 1E0 Email: burin.foundation@easternhealth.ca Telephone: 709-891-3456. The deadline to apply is February 28, 2010.

The Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project
By Trina Appleby

     The Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project would like to identify who might be interested to participate in future Worker Heath & Safety Designate/Representative training.
     The Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project is an initiative of the Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador (CSC) that provides an exciting opportunity for voluntary organizations to come together and find ways to improve the capacity of local voluntary organizations.
     On January 18th 2010, the Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project met with a group of volunteers at the Fortune Town Hall to identify opportunities to provide support to local organizations. One of the priorities that emerged from that meeting was that local voluntary organizations are experiencing difficulty finding people with Occupational Heath and Safety (OHS) Certification - especially the Worker Heath & Safety Designate/Representative (1 ½-day) training.
     In response to this issue, the Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project is interested to determine who might be interested to participate in future possible Worker Health & Safety Designate/Representative training. If you are interested, please contact Trina Appleby or Linda Collier.

Trina Appleby
Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project

Linda Collier
Business Manager
Fortune Head Interpretation Centre

     The Burin Peninsula Voluntary Clusters Project is an initiative of the Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador (www.envision.ca) with funding support provided by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. We will communicate with all interested organizations across the Burin Peninsula.

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