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The Fortune Teller

January 2010
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Darin King, Ph.D
M.H.A., District of Grand Bank; Minister of Education

December 16, 2009, Public Information Advisory - Seniors’ Recreation Grants:
     The Seniors’ Community Recreation Program, a new grant program, announced in Budget 2009, looks to assist in providing programs and services designed to increase physical activity amongst the province’s senior population. It is designed to provide more opportunities for our senior citizens to access recreation programming, and to lead more active lifestyles.
     Grants are available up to $5,000, to assist in the delivery of new, or enhanced, recreational programs and services that demonstrate increased physical and social/leisure activity. The deadline for receipt of applications is January 22, 2010.
     If you require additional information on this program, please visit the website at www.tcr.gov.nl.ca/tcr/formsandApplications/ or contact Clayton Welsh, Regional Recreation & Sport Consultant, at (709) 729-0127 or claytonwelsh@gov.nl.ca. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know.
     If we can be of assistance to you with this, feel free to contact our office, Corey or myself, at 709-832-2531, 1-877-997-9933, or by e-mail at: coreyparsons@gov.nl.ca; or darinking@gov.nl.ca

December 21, 2009, Public Information Advisory - Home Heating Rebate:
     In recognition of current usage and costs associated with home heating, the Provincial Government has made changes to the 2009-10 Home Heating Rebate Program. Regardless of the type of energy source purchased to heat the home, individuals and families with a net income of $40,000 or less will be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $250 and up to $500 for those living in coastal Labrador communities. Individuals and families with net income up to $35,000 will receive a full rebate. The rebate gradually decreases as income levels rise to $40,000, with no eligible individual or family receiving less than $100.
     The Home Heating Rebate Program has grown substantially under the Williams Government. In 2003, approximately 14,000 families qualified for a maximum rebate of $100. The rebate was available only to families using heating oil. Over the past number of years, the Provincial Government has increased the amount of the rebate, made it available to families who heat with electricity, and enabled more families to be eligible for the rebate by increasing the income threshold. In 2008-09, approximately 73,000 rebates were received by residents availing of the program totalling about $16.5 million. For 2009-10, the estimated value of the program is $18.2 million.
     For additional information, please contact the Department of Finance toll-free at 1-866-990-3444 or by e-mail at homeheatprogram@gov.nl.ca, or visit www.gov.nl.ca/fin/homeheating.

December 23, 2009, NEWS RELEASE - MHA King Announces Funding for Municipalities:
     The Honourable Darin King, MHA for the District of Grand Bank, confirmed today that $236,702.93 has been secured under the Provincial Government’s Community Enhancement Employment Program (CEEP) to assist four municipalities in carrying out repairs, upgrades, and enhancements to their municipal infrastructure.
     “I am very pleased to confirm this funding for municipal councils in my district, as it will assist them to carry out various upgrades to their facilities,” said King. “This funding demonstrates our government’s continued commitment to municipalities through a variety of programs.”
     The approved projects include:

  • Town of Lawn - $24,088.93, to carry out repairs and upgrade two municipal septic tanks.
  • Town of Point May - $31,852.00, to make improvements to the municipal building and upgrade the water shed.
  • Town of Fortune - $60,353.00, to upgrade the municipal garage and the arena.
  • Town of Grand Bank - $120,409.00, to carry out upgrades to the waste disposal site, nature trail, 50+ Club, Grand Bank Theatre housing unit, the bait depot, municipal garage, municipal center, fire hall and swimming pool.
     This announcement brings the total CEEP investment in the District of Grand Bank to $653,267.00, which translates into over 50,000 hours of insurable employment. Project sponsors range from recreation groups, community organizations, service groups, churches, and municipalities in 10 communities.
     “Work is well underway on these projects and it will provide an opportunity for individuals to gain meaningful employment, with immediate income leading to EI benefits to assist them through the winter,” King said. “I understand this has been a difficult year for individuals and families, hence, I am pleased to assist with over $650,000 in employment opportunities.”
     This funding is provided through the Provincial Government’s regular CEEP that is available on an annual basis, and the Fisheries CEEP, which is in response to the downturn in the 2009 fishing season, whereby government will provide temporary employment support to fish harvesters and plant workers.

     Media contacts: Corey Parsons, 709-832-2531, coreyparsons@gov.nl.ca

Fortune Outdoors
By Bill Butt

     Looks like the towns people want the Fortune teller and are asking where it is this month. Maybe with the Christmas rush and all that shopping most of us forget some little thing at this most wonderful time of the year.
     Prior to the Christmas shopping most of us had other projects in hand, I know we did. When I say we I mean members of the ATV association. There were two or three projects on the go so that those who need that few more stamps to qualify for the EI program. I don’t know how it works as I was never involved with it until we went looking for projects for the people who did need it, it was a good thing for all.
     As an association we took over providing the work on horse brook walking trail. The trail needed lots of repairs to the boardwalks; that was our first concern making once again a pleasure for seniors and people from all walks of life to get a chance to walk the horse brook trail in a safe and comfortable manner. It’s true there is still a need for lots of improvement but money is scarce and only so much to go around.
     Some improvement is better than none, and if we can improve it a little bit at a time there will be a benefit to those who like to walk the trail through the woods in a peaceful setting. Not many song birds this time of the year but come spring and summer we know the trail part of the park once again will be filled with nesting song birds.
     The ATV Multi-purpose Trail is shut down for this season. Great strides were made to improve the trail. I haven’t had a chance yet to make an exact kilometer count of the useable trail. for anyone who likes to hike there is lots of country trail that you can use now, taking into consideration to leave the starting of the trail at the Arena and walk in over the Nor West trail for 2 ½ kilometers; turn to the trail on your right marked with two large stones with orange markings on them; you can follow that trail in over the country to Gapon’s knob on to the damn road where you turn right again down the road until you reach the Quarry; walk through the pit out to the highway. cross the highway turn right at the horn house road you now have a couple of hours walk; visit the Western pier beach on your return trip; visit the horn house to catch the sea scenery from the light house property; on your return trip from the horn house look to your right again you now have the Grassy Patch trail with lots of nice scenery; at the end a very long beach awaits you, the fresh air from the sea and seabirds and whale watching in season, and watching fishing boats, pleasure and passenger ships when they are out on the Fortune Bay should do the outdoor person pounds of good.
     On your return walk towards the Nor West Trail; when you reach that trail if you feel like you want more, we have more trail to offer about another ¾ of an hour you will come to the end of the trail with the view of the country; you will be surprised to see moose and birds of all kinds in season; by the time you get back from this complete trail hike you will be happy to reach your car, truly refreshed, dog tired, with truly a great hike in and around Fortune outdoors.

Fortune Lions Club
By Jake Weymouth

     On behalf of the Fortune Lions Club I am pleased to report the following activities and donations:

  • Jointly sponsored the Christmas Parade along with the Grand Bank Lions Club;
  • Jointly sponsored the Seniors Party along with the Fortune Town Council;
  • Participated in the Fortune Tree-lighting Ceremony and donated 100 goodie bags.
     Donations made by the Lions Club throughout the past year include:
  • John Burke Drama Club - $100.00
  • John Burke High School Scholarship - $200.00
  • Janeway Hospital - $150.00
  • Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador - $25.00
  • Lung Association Newfoundland and Labrador - $25.00
  • Burin Peninsula Ministerial Association Christmas Voucher - $200.00
  • Burin Peninsula Health Care Foundation - $25.00
  • Byron Monster re Trip to PEI - $25.00
     THANK YOU to all those who supported our Christmas Parade by providing financial assistance, floats, dressed up as clowns and participated in any other way. We had a great parade due to efforts put forth by numerous people.
     Our Seniors Party was also a success and we would like to thank the following:
  • Entertainment provided by: Don Mavin, Cyril Rose, Don Tapper, Rev. Graham and Jocelyn Cook;
  • John Burke Drama Club who did an excellent job on performing “The Christmas Extravaganza.”
     Congratulations to the King, Wallace Cumby, and the Queen, Grace Hiscock. Thank you to all the seniors for attending and participating in the sing-along.
     A special thank you to the Bingo patrons for your support in the past.
     The Fortune Lions Club would like to wish everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year.

Salvation Stars Mime Troop
By Joanne Pierce

     The Salvation Stars Mime Troop will host their 5th Annual Sweet Mime on Saturday, February 13, 2010. This will be an evening filled with Mime, Singing and Valentine Readings. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Full details will be published in February's edition of the Fortune Teller and we will post signs at various businesses in town. For more information or to book your tickets, please call Joanne (832-2675), Diane (832-0357) or any Mime Member.

Salvation Army Sunday School (MY GREAT BIG GOD)
By Joanne Pierce

     Our schedule for January, 2010 is as follows... January 11 and January 18... time is 6:30-8:00pm ... children up to and including grade 3 are welcome to attend. We hope to see you at our Sunday School.

Sea Cadet Parent Committee
By Joanne Pierce

     We would like to inform the residents of Fortune that on Saturday, January 9, 2010 the Sea Cadets will be holding a bottle drive beginning at 10 am. We would also like to thank everyone in advance for your support of the Sea Cadets. Before Christmas we sold tickets on a Christmas Grocery Hamper that was drawn for on Tuesday, December 22 @ Lake Academy's Christmas Assembly ... the lucky winner was Nicholas Rose of Fortune. The Sea Cadets will be selling tickets on a Sweetheart basket until February 13 ... this basket will also include a dinner for 2 ... tickets can be purchased by contacting any Cadet Member.

Fortune Salvation Army 50 Young at Heart Fellowship Group
By Fannie Taylor

     Well the decorations are all put away for another year, the turkey has us all stuffed, we all have a little less money than we had a couple of months ago and the weather is depressing but out of the holiday season came joy and good cheer, there were lessons and symbols and reasons to carry all through the year.
     As the song writer puts it,” As we go through the New Year let the story of Christmas send out its glory to lead us on, like the Bethlehem’s star’s own ray”.
     We were late with our November meeting so we didn’t make the dead line for the Teller. There was no meeting in December but our next meeting of the group is scheduled for Jan.25, 2010.
     I’m sure we can all look forward to the same format as we have enjoyed over the years especially the skits. We are always looking for new ideas as well as performers.
     May we shine as beacons in the world as the Bethlehem Star, Christ light blesses us as we go forth with our gifts of compassion and love in Christ’ name.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Fortune Head ECO Friends
By Linda Collier

Community Cookbook:
     We are concluding final preparations for publishing “Flavours of Fortune”, our community cookbook, which is anticipated to be made available in March. Should you wish to pre-order your cookbook, feel free to contact Linda at the Town Office by calling 832-2810 or by email at fhef@townoffortune.ca. We thank all of you that have contributed by submitting their recipes.

     Fortune Head ECO Friends are also offering “memberships” for children, teen and adults for the Fortune Head Interpretation Center in 2010. The particulars are as follows:

(1) Shelley’s Friends (children up to age 12)

  • Cost for registration is $5.00 (membership card)
  • You receive 1 free admission
  • Autographed picture of Shelley the Snail
  • Opportunity to have name put on mural (once completed)
  • A letter from Shelley four times a year
  • Electronic Birthday Card
(2) Teens (13 to 18 years)
  • Cost for registration is $5.00 (membership card)
  • You receive 1 free admission
  • Scientific fact sheets accessible on website (once available)
  • Electronic Birthday Card
  • Enter a “catchy” geological-related name for membership category (13-18 years)
(3) Adults
  • Cost for registration is $20.00 (membership card)
  • Unlimited admission for cardholder (1)
  • 5% discount on gift shop purchases
  • Electronic Newsletters (quarterly)
  • Membership acknowledged on website (once available) and Newsletters
  • Electronic Birthday Card
     Contact Linda at the Town Office by calling 832-2810 or by email at fhef@townoffortune.ca.

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