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June 2010
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Website: http://townoffortune.ca
Fortune Collegiate 2010 Reunion
By Rosalind Boland

     The Fortune Collegiate Multi-Class Reunion committee will be having a reunion on July 22 – 24, 2010 inclusive. The weekend will consist of various activities that will bring laughter and probably some tears as well.
     Thursday night will begin with picking up registration packages, a “meet & greet”, there will be a Memorial Wall and we will have a candle lighting followed by a moment of silence for all those students who attended Fortune Collegiate and have passed away. Tony’s Disco has been booked to entertain us and people can feel free to have a few scuffs and bring along some refreshments if so desired. Also we have some Time Capsules that will be opened that night as well. The groups involved will be able to open their capsules in a private setting and have the opportunity to reminisce with each other.
     Friday we will be having a “family day” at the soccer field. There will be many fun-filled activities to participate in and we want to stress that even if you are not bringing children with you, the games will be structured so that everyone can participate. It is for all families, not just those with children. There will be a barbeque at the school on Friday which will take place around supper time. Charlie’s Bar Band is booked to entertain us during the evening and Don Mavin will be doing a screech in for those attending who are not “True Newfoundlanders”! We want to make them honorary Newfies!!!
     Saturday will be Fortune Day at the arena and we hope that everyone has the opportunity to spend time in there so they can further socialize with their former classmates as well as other residents of our town they may know. The finale will take place with the Fortune Day dance at the arena.
     Mr. Melvin Rose has agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies for the reunion so I’m sure he will be quite entertaining as he was back in the “good old days” of school!!! If Montreal wins the Stanley Cup, you won’t hear the end of it this summer!!!
     I would like all residents to help me out with the Memorial Wall. This is a special project of mine and I would like you to let me know if you have a loved one who attended Fortune Collegiate but is no longer with us. I would love to have a picture to display but just the name and a little bit of information would be fine also. Please call me at 832-2223 if you have someone you would like to be remembered during our reunion.
     We, the Committee, would like to encourage our local residents to complete their registration forms and pass them to Beverley Rose.
     Looking forward to seeing you all in July!

Summer Program/Summer Festival
By Eric George

     The Fortune Recreation Commission is busy preparing for our summer activities, namely our Summer Sports Program and our Summer Festival (July 17 – 24). Last year’s Summer Sports Program was quite successful, with double the number of participants compared to the previous year. The kids seemed to have a good summer, and we are hoping to build on last year’s success to make this summer’s program even better.
     On May 12 we hosted a meeting with the various organizations around town, focusing on building on our Summer Festival. Although less than half of the organizations were represented at the meeting, those in attendance were quite enthusiastic about this year’s festival and eager to have their organizations participate. We will be having a second meeting on June 9 at 7:00 PM at the Fire Hall. We are again asking the organizations to send a representative, even if you weren’t present for our first meeting. The Fortune Summer Festival does not belong to the Recreation Commission – it belongs to all of us and it is incumbent on all of us to make it work. If you are not a member of an organization but feel you could contribute ideas for this festival, or if you have some free time to volunteer during the week, feel free to come along.
     It was suggested at this meeting that we start this year’s festival with a parade. The last time we tried a parade, only one group participated. If we are to have a parade on the first day of the festival (July 17), then we will need a commitment from groups and individuals to participate. If you are interested in taking part in some capacity, please contact a member of the Recreation Commission.
     Being a fishing community, it would seem natural to have an activity that focuses on the sea. Therefore we are hoping to have a boat parade sometime during the festival. Any small craft or fishing vessel would be welcome. Again, we need to know the level of interest before we proceed with organizing a boat parade. If you are interested in participating or in helping organize this event, please contact Mary Mullins at 832-2428.
     On Fortune Day, the afternoon entertainment has usually been provided by a hired band. This year we want to do something different – we want to use this afternoon time frame to hold a local talent show. This would be an opportunity for interested groups or individuals from the town or the surrounding area to showcase their talent, whether it be music, comedy or anything appropriate to the venue. Again, we need to determine the level of interest and ask that you contact Mary at 832-2428 if you want to participate.
     If we all work together, then we can put off a first class Summer Festival this year.

Fortune Outdoors
By Bill Butt

     The summer that awaits us is it going to be a good one? We hope so we all look fwd to long hot days and cool nights, we also look fwd to lots of visitors to our town and some to stay long enough to put a little something back into the economy.
     Do we have anything to offer the tourist that come other than get on the Ferry and head out to St. Pierre where they spend their tourist dollars? All we do is provide the transit tickets and we wait for them to come back to go on the wharf to see if there is anyone amongst them that we might know.
     Somewhere along the way we have not been doing our home work to keep them here for just a little while to get a little something back. It’s time we put on our thinking caps and come up with something anything to get something more than just a drop off point.
     I attended a meeting on behalf of the ATV Trail Assoc. for the summer festival; we have asked for the first Saturday start up to have a poker run to raise some funds for upkeep of the trail. We were granted that.
     Our link to give us the right to join in with other trails scenic sites such as the Fortune Head Lighthouse, Western Pier Beach and Grassy Patch Trail, which offers not only to us but could be used by other visitors who like to travel the trails, has been on hold for no good reason only to satisfy the whims of the chosen few.
     For those who have dollars here is a way to invest dollars and make a tour advantage to people coming to town: .rent Atvs, open up and improve the trail ways that we have tried for so long for anyone who loves the outdoors to enjoy it. The beauty of the country can be enjoyed if the tourist sites are there. With a little improvement this could be done. It would cost next to nothing and make a few hours ride in the country and along the coastline to grassy patch, the fresh smell of the breeze off Fortune bay as you walk along the beach doing a little beach combing. There have been some nice ships’ artifacts that come ashore from time to time after a breezy day and have been found. It will have a lasting memory for the outdoor buff and they will tell their friends. Surely they would want to see and enjoy it. After all, we all know that advertising is the way business is made.
     To get to one of my favorite topics like gardening and birds: first on the small birds, this year I have notice that they are not as plentiful as other years or that’s the way I see it around here, not so many different kinds visiting the feeders very few come to eat, other years I noticed that mating time there are many different kinds swing by to feed ad stay around for a few days and you would see them every now and then, but not this year, just wondering if anyone else noticed that?
     Our waterfront ducks seem to dwindle over the winter months. Hopefully, we will see more as the nesting season brings forth an abundance of new strains of ducks as we see the wild ducks and our own tame ducks have their new families in and around Fortune outdoors…

Salvation Stars Mime Troop
By Joanne Pierce

     We would like to thank anyone who helped and supported our Mime Troop during this year ... We concluded this year with our annual 3 day, 2 night Mime Camp which was held from April 6-8 @ Foxcove and involved 28 kids and 4 leaders ... we had a wonderful time ... thanks again to everyone who helped make this a success ... we also had our closing supper on Saturday, May 1 ... we have had a great year with the youth and look forward to another successful year in 2010-2011 ... check out our website @ www.salvationstars.piczo.com or our Facebook Group "Salvation Stars" we welcome anyone in grades 3 and up and look forward to seeing everyone again in September . have a safe and happy summer !!!

Salvation Army Sunday School
By Joanne Pierce

     Our Sunday School program "My Great Big God" has concluded this year ... we held our closing supper on Monday, May 17 where everyone was awarded with a participation award ... we also had 5 children who had perfect attendance for the year ... Congratulations to Emma, Paige, Maddie, Hannah and Joseph ... great job everyone ... we will resume again in September and welcome children up to and including Grade 3 ... we hope everyone will have a great summer and look forward to seeing everyone again in September !!!

290 Sir Humphrey Gilbert Parent Committee
by Joanne Pierce

     The Parent Committee would like to thank anyone who helped and supported the Cadets during this past year. It was very greatly appreciated. We would also like to congratulate all Cadets on a job well done at your Annual Inspection ... it was awesome ... we hope all Cadets will have a great summer and hope that the Cadets attending Summer Camp will have a wonderful time ... we wish every resident of Fortune a safe and happy summer !!!

Fortune Lions Club
By George Riggs

Fortune Lions Club activities during the month of May included:

  • May 1: Three Lions (King Lion Jake Weymouth, Lion Junior King and Lion Dennis Lahiton represented the club and supported our contestant - Nathan Martin from St. Joseph's Academy at the Zone Junior Speak-Out held at the Garnish Lions Club.
  • May 15: Donation of the Lions den to the Grand Bank Heritage Society for their Fund-Raising 10 Cent Bingo.
  • May 20: For the first time our Thursday Night Bingo included a Satellite Bingo game. We will continue Satellite Bingo on a trial basis for the coming weeks.
Cash donations during the month included:
  • St. Joseph's Academy - $100
  • John Burke High school - $200
  • United Astomy Association - $50
  • Burin Peninsula SPCA - $50
  • Balsom Family - Garnish (loss of house to fire) - $100
  • Sponsorship of Lion William Skinner - MS Walk - $75
Up-Coming events / activities include:
  • Jun 11: Close-Up - Final dinner meeting for the Lions year 2009 - 2010
  • Jul 21: Donation of the den to the Recreation Commission for a Summer Festival Poker Tournament
  • Sep 11: Bike Ride - Lions will be looking for sponsors for this event.

Fortune Arena – Giant Yard Sale

     The residents of Fortune, Grand Bank and surrounding area are invited to participate in a yard sale at the Fortune Arena on June 19, 1020
     Anyone interested in selling their items can contact the Fortune Town Office at 832-2010.
     One setup cost: $10.00 for a maximum of three (3) tables.

Fortune Head ECO Friends
By Linda Collier

     The Fortune Head Interpretation Centre is now open. Why not stop by and check out some ‘new’ product (pewter, wood & antler crafts, genuine amethyst) at the Gift Shop after viewing the exhibits and recent improvements to the Centre?
     Memberships: Fortune Head ECO Friends are also offering ‘memberships’ for Fortune Head Interpretation Centre in 2010. Shelly’s Friends (children up to age 12) - $5.00 registration fee; Teens (13 to 18 years) - $5.00 registration fee; and Adults - $20.00 registration fee. Particulars surrounding memberships can be obtained from Linda.
     Community Cookbook: The community cookbook ‘Flavours of Fortune’ is available for a cost of $10.00.
     Students: Deadline for applications is June 11, 2010. Please drop your application off at the Fortune Interpretation Centre.
     As the start of the busy season approaches, we look forward to serving you. We’re also hoping to host another Tea Party during the Summer Festival on Friday, July 23 – mark your calendars!
     We continue to seek assistance from the general public by donating or loaning any fossils they may have in their position – your input is greatly welcome!

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