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The Fortune Teller

September 2010
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Fortune outdoors
By Bill Butt

     Now that we have had a few nice warm days we have forgotten the bad days of June and July, We knew it would soon change and get a bit of good weather and it has been very nice so far in August.
     Our outdoor recreational fishery didnít do much for our fresh fish quota for the table very small catches were reported from all over in Fortune bay, it is better to buy a bit from the local fisherman than to try for yourself, really itís no pleasure with the gas prices the way they are to enjoy the day on the water, letís hope the fall fishery will be better and like summer we will forget the bad times of nothing on the hook.
     The Marina grounds have taken on a new look with that beautiful grass all along the drive way to the Marina, and the birds all nestled in the grass on a hot day undisturbed itís great to see that they have a place to be left alone for most parts.
     The summer Carnival and Fortune day got off to a good start as per usual I hope most of the people that came home for the school reunion had a great time meeting old friends but having to look at name tags to see who was who, of course we all change, some of us have better memory than others and can recognize friends from the past fairly easy,
     I took a ride up over the trail a few days ago to look at the growth of this yearís berries that will soon be ripe for harvest, you could now get enough for that blueberry grunt that most of us look forward to in early August the berries are about 40 % ripe now another two weeks they will be just right for our winter jam and the wine makers will be happy also.
     Not much to report on the ATV trail there is a lot of work gone into the trail and I would like to thank the young fellows that cleaned up a lot of rocks and threw them off the trail, our trail President is still very much active in trying to get the paper work into the Government done, what started out to be a file of papers a ľ of a inch thick is now gone into 2 inches thick there is so much behind the scene work that most of us never know about.
     We have more work to do once the paperwork gets approved then we can get on with our plans to improve the trail and make it better for every rider.
     We will soon have to have some fund raising as paper work with the Government needs so many copies and so many departments that want a cut of the pie can be, and is, very expensive to maintain.
     Nice to see a few new faces around the water front looking in to the centre to see what they have to offer and there are some beautiful exhibits there.
     I hope the summer will continue to be nice and warm in and around Fortune outdoors.

Salvation Stars Mime Troop
By Joanne Pierce

     Registration for our Mime Troop will be held on Wednesday, September 8 from 6:30-7:30 pm at Fortune Salvation Army. We welcome anyone in grade 3 & up, all denominations. Registration is free. Practice will be held on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30 pm for Juniors (grade 3 - 6) and 7:15 pm for Teens (grade 7 & up). For more information, call Joanne Pierce at 832-2675 or Diane Butt at 832-0357. We hope to see you on September 8!!!
     To anyone that supported the Mime Troop at our Fortune Day booth ... your support is greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank Hillary, Hannah, Kelli & Rebecca for all their help at our booth.
     Joanne & Diane would like to say great job and thank you to Mime member, Hillary Barnes, for singing the lovely song, Trust and Obey, at the Outdoor Gospel Concert, hosted by the Fortune Salvation Army during the Fortune Summer Festival !!!

Fortune Head Interpretation Center
By Linda Collier

     We would like to thank everyone who attended our tea party and also who bought dessert at our table on Fortune Day. It was a great success.
     We still have community cookbooks available for $10 that can be purchased at the Interpretation Center Gift Shop or at the Town Office.
     Current hours of operation: Sunday Ė Saturday: 6:30 a.m. Ė 6:30 p.m.
     The end of our season is drawing near; we still have some nice gift items in our gift shop. If you need to purchase a birthday gift, Christmas gift why donít you drop by and browse our gift shop you could find what you are looking for here.
     Why not become a member of Fortune Head Eco Friends? Memberships can be purchased at the center. Adults - $20.00; you will receive a discount at the gift shop by being a member; children - $5.00. Additional information and details of the membership can be obtained by contacting the Interpretation Center at 832-3031 or Linda Collier at 832-2810.
     We are still receiving items for the yard sale. We want to thank the people who have donated and those who have purchased items from us.
     Anyone interested in donating their recyclables to Fortune Head Eco Friends can do so by letting one of the staff at the center know by calling 832-3031/3569. We can pick them up. We also like to thank anyone who has already donated their recyclables to the center.

Miss Teen Southern NL Pageant

Announcing the return of the

Miss Teen Southern NL Pageant

to take place on Friday, September 24, 2010 at the Fortune Arena.

Girls between the ages of 13-18 are invited to enter.

To obtain an application or for further information contact Linda at 832-2810/3031.

Itís an experience like no other!

     The organizers of the Miss Teen Southern NL Pageant would like to thank the following businesses and organizations whose donations have already been received:

  • Peninsula Wholesale Ltd.
  • Shear Indulgence & Day Spa
  • Priority Enterprises Ltd.
  • Keyin College, Marystown
  • Burin Cinema
  • Channel 6 Ads
  • Stoodley Financial Services Inc.
  • Fortune Lions Club
  • Terrenceville Lions Club
  • Annettes Nail Design
  • Fewers Unisex Salon & Solarium
  • Aylwards Ltd., Grand Bank
  • Vinland Photography
  • Bennetts Construction
  • Boot Computer Systems Inc.
  • Fortune Recreation Commission
  • Metal Manu-Works Ltd.
  • Burin Peninsula Chiropractic Center
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • R. Pittman Enterprises
  • T & T Electric Ltd.
  • Warrens Funeral Home
  • Sobeys Ltd., Grand Bank
  • Fianders Marystown Ambulance Service

Editorís NotesÖ

     This monthís edition is a few days late. I was out of town on vacation. although I did get the submissions that were sent by email, it wasnít until I returned home (Aug 29) that I had time to search for something to fill the blank spaces.
     VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! I have noticed recently that some of our contributors are using a more recent version of Microsoft Office than I am using. An attached document, therefore, must be opened with an online program and then copied into another program which I am able to view at home. To avoid problems, which could result in your submission not being included in the Teller, in future it would be greatly appreciated if you would copy and paste your article into your email.
     There are still some groups / organizations out there whose news and/or upcoming events are not being printed in this newsletter. Why would anyone not take advantage of this opportunity for a little free publicity? If you are part of such a croup / organization, please contact me at the above email address or call me at 832-1847 (home) or 832-0232 (work). When just a few submissions are received I have to search for something to fill the pages. That takes time and it is not the purpose of this newsletter. I realize that September is a slow month, but get cracking people! All the groups / organizations will be back in full swing shortly so come on people Ė whoís going to send along the first submission for the next issue?

Fortune Memorial Library / CAP Site

     Members of the public are asked to take note that the library will be closed for the period of September 13-16, Monday to Thursday, as the Librarian will be attending an Eastern Division event at St. Johnís. Regular hours will resume on Friday, September 17.
     October has been designated as Library Month 2010. In conjunction with this and also with the 75th Anniversary of Library Service in the province, a number of special events are being planned to take place throughout the month. Full details will be announced in the next Fortune Teller.

Thought For The Day

     Between sugarplums and fairy tales, we sometimes mistake angels for little imaginary beings that dance, giggle, and disappear. Instead we should think of angels as strong and centered beings, who hold and protect and guard and guide.

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