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On September 11th, 2001, just as people were beginning their work day in the busy metropolis of New York City, two airliners crashed into the World Trade Centre. These two buildings saw an average of 50,000 people pass through their doors on any given day. The terrorists who had perpetrated this massacre had crossed way over the line in this attack against humanity.

The very first people to respond to this tragedy and arrive on the scene were the city's firefighters. Their motto - "First in - Last out". Little did they know, many would not come out. With total disregard for their own safety, they rushed into the twin towers in an attempt to save the people trapped inside. 343 brave firefighters lost their lives in an instant that day, as the buildings in which they were saving lives, suddenly crumbled around them. It has been estimated that the firefighters of New York saved in excess of 25,000 lives from the towers before they died. Each and every one died a hero; doing what they do best; giving their all so that others might live. On that day, they took the heavy hit for all firefighters around the world.

Ribbon Ribbon The firefighters of Fortune wear little red, white and blue ribbons in remembrance of those fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Although the volunteer firefighters of the Fortune department will never face a tragedy of this magnitude, we understand what it means to dive headlong into a situation where others are trying their best to escape. We live to help others live.

In an effort to provide efficient and effective fire fighting and rescue services to the people of Fortune, the Fortune Fire Department is consistently updating its standards and practices as it pertains to emergency situations. By early preparation we can be ready for any given emergency before it actually occurs. Our best defense is prevention, and fire prevention is everybody's business.

The Fortune Fire Department remains one of the best trained volunteer units on the peninsula and indeed in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. We currently have on our roster twenty-four active firefighters, all of whom are well trained in various firefighting and rescue techniques as well as Standard First Aid and Heartstart lifesaving methods. We also have on staff qualified EMT personnel and professionally trained firefighters who are ready to act upon a moments notice. We have a responsibility to serve and protect the public and an efficient fire department is only as effective as the people who support it.

Godspeed to our bravest who have fallen; God bless and protect those who continue to serve.

***Written by former firefighter Thomas Pierce***

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