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Dedicated to all Firemen who live to save others.

The alarm sounded and a voice shouted out,
“Please hurry, quick, there’s a fire at my house,
“The heat and flames are spreading out of control,
“And my little girl’s trapped inside, she’s just five years old.”

As soon as the alarm sounded and the woman began to speak
My father was out of bed and standing straight on his feet.
By the time she finished speaking he was already out the door
And headed down the winding street to fight a firey war.

In a matter of minutes he was down at the station,
Thinking of the deathly sight that he may be facin’
He suited up as he did time and time before,
And in a line of three, entered the firey door.

Not thinking of himself or the danger inside,
Set out with one goal, to save another life.
He pushed himself to the limit,
Through the heat, the flames and soot,
But once again he had what he came for,
He felt a little hand wrap around his foot.

He picked up the little body and dashed to the outside world,
Once again he saw the light of day, and saved that little girl.
He helped treat the burns of the little girl, ignoring the pain of his own,
And once again the fire was out and my dad returned safely home.

© Jeremy Pierce

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