Town Profile

Incorporated in 1946, the town of Fortune, Newfoundland has a seven- member Town Council consisting of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five councillors. Elections are held every fourth year with by-elections called when necessary. The current Council was elected in 2001. Fortune has its own Town Flag, Crest and Badge. 

The daily administration duties of the town are carried out in a modern, computerized office. Staff members are friendly, efficient and dedicated. Extra staff are often hired on a temporary basis, through various programs. 

Constructed in 1967, Fortune Municipal Centre was officially opened in 1968 as part of a Centennial project. Since that time, the building has undergone many improvements. In addition to the municipal offices and council chamber, this centre contains the Fire Department, Fortune Memorial Library and St. John Ambulance. Office space is used by Bridges Employment Corporation and the Concerned Citizens Committee. The upstairs conference room is used by such groups as Heritage Fortune Inc., Arena Advisory Board, Business Association, Fortune Head Ecological Reserve committees and many others. 

The municipal garage, constructed in 1980, is located in back of this building. It provides space for equipment storage and maintenance work, as well as office and rest room facilities for the work crew. Fortune also has an outside work force which is responsible for all maintenance and repair work in the community.